Laser-cut steel "flat" shelving you bend to suit

Piegato shelving is a flat piece of laser-cut steel that you screw into the wall with two screws, then, working by hand, you simply bend out the die-cut sections corresponding to the sorts of shelving you desire.
Comes in white, black and gold and costs €129.

• it's only one piece!
• easily bend it by hand!
• just two screws needed!
• comes as a flat sheet
• high load capacity
• works as a magnetboard

Piegato is a sheet steel rack with a surprisingly high load capacity.
The laser cut and powder coated sheet steel is been delivered almost completely plain, which results in a simple and cost effective transportation.
The customer then bends out the required amount of shelves from the plain and mounts the hole rack with just two screws in a few minutes. Due to the enviromental friendly production, the freight size and the recyclability Piegato also holds a brilliant ecological balance.


(via Yanko Design)