Radar looks at end-of-the-world scenarios

Radar Online has a rundown end of the world scenarios, including peak oil, bee colony collapse, supervolcanoes, genetic engineering disasters, bird flu, drought, telomere erosion, and Earth wobble.


Generally speaking, officials at the World Health Organization and the Department of Health and Human Services try to avoid language that might spark a panic. So when experts from both agencies describe a devastating global pandemic as "overdue," it's probably time to pass the zinc supplements. Many scientists consider the most likely outbreak risk to be from H5N1, more commonly known as bird flu. It's not yet easily passed to humans, but 61 percent of those who've been affected have died. Virologists like Dr. Robert Webster, who heads a WHO bird flu research lab, estimate that if the virus mutates, the death toll could be in the billions. Maybe now's a good time to get that cough checked out?

How to Survive: As there's no vaccine readily available, your best bet is to keep your eyes peeled for outbreaks and, like Dr. Webster, stow away three months' worth of food and water.