Free London seminars on running an open creative business

The Open Rights Group is throwing a series of seminars on Creative Business in the Digital Era — intensive workshops on making creative stuff in the era of open copyrights. The seminars are in London, March 17-19.

Free culture – giving versions of creative works away, and even allowing others to copy, distribute, sample or create derivative works from them – is at the heart of these new opportunities. This approach seems alien to many in the creative world who assume that free culture cannot generate income, but a freer attitude to cultural distribution will help you connect with a new audience, to develop a more engaged audience and even to make new business connections.

The Creative Business in the Digital Era seminar will help you understand the opportunities presented by open IP (intellectual property) and how being open should be a central part of your creative business model.

The project is being prepared openly, under a Creative Commons licence, on the Creative Business wiki.

Who should come?
This seminar is aimed at people interested in doing business in the open environment presented by rapidly developing networked communications. You could be a C-level executive or an independent creator, or anyone in between, from any size of company:

* C-level executives, independents, freelances, entrepreneurs, corporates, SMEs
* Musicians, record labels, music publishing companies
* Writers, journalists, publishers
* Film makers, production companies, broadcasters
* Visual artists, photographers, artists, illustrators and designers


(Thanks, Michael!)

(Disclosure: I'm a founder of and advisor to the Open Rights Group)