Live phone-in with Phil and Kaja Foglio this Sunday

Chris from Biblio File sez,

This Sunday, I'll be hosting a live interview with Phil & Kaja Foglio as part of my podcast The Biblio File. Not only will the guests be live, but the audience can participate live as well, via phone, VOIP, or text chat. (A guide to how to connect is in my linkback URL.) It will be downloadable or syndicable as an MP3 afterward, per podcast usual.

The main interview topic will be a discussion of why they stopped publishing individual issues of their comic book Girl Genius and instead started giving it away free on-line, and the effect this has had on their popularity and the sales of their trade paperbacks.

However, after I finish that topic, I'll be taking questions from the live audience about anything they'd like to know, for as long as the Foglios have time to answer. (Or people can post questions here if they know they can't make it; I'll pick the most interesting ones.)

I always loved the Foglios' What's New? comics in Dragon magazine when I was a kid. Just this week, I tried my hand at painting D&D miniatures again for the first time in nearly two decades, so it's only fitting that Phil and Kaja should come back into my life.


(Thanks, Chris!)

Update: A reader writes, Though Dragon Magazine is no longer published (it's a paysite now), gamers have done a DIY publishing project called Kobold Quarterly. It's pretty sleek, with contributions from all the D&D heavyweights. They just hit subscriber #1000 a couple days ago.