Cardboard Chic toys made from recycled cardboard

These recycled cardboard kids' toys from Carton Chic are pretty cool-looking — designy and playful without being too arch or crunchy-green. The price is a little steep if you're used to spending American Dinars instead of Pounds Sterling, but it's not a bad buy if you're accustomed to British money (and hell, at the rate the Exchequer is printing money to bail out the hedge-fund gamblers, the pound'll come down right smartly) (sorry, did I say gamblers? It's only gambling if you can lose: when Big Daddy Central Bank covers your losses, you're not a gambler, you're just a feckless greedhead who crashed the global economy):

Made from recycled and recyclable cardboard, she creates, together with a young graphic designer, beautiful, fun toys that can be customised by the child. These toys are not only very original, but are often interpretations of classic toys (doll's house, puppet theatre), remade to today's design tastes and above all, to Armelle's taste; the design is simple, with contemporary and graceful lines and will please parents just as much as children!


(via Babygadget)