Utilikilt's irreverent "license agreement"

CJ from Utilikilts writes: "I am responsible for receiving and cataloging all the images customers send in to our web site. We use the images on our web site, in our marketing literature, etc, so we need to inform our customers about this and get a release from them.

So I wrote a release they would WANT to sign! I thought you guys might get a kick out of it, after looking at all the completely asinine legaleze foisted off on unsuspecting customers…

So here is our Release Form boilerplate: (note that it is also editable on our site… unfortunately nobody has edited it yet, but I look forward to someone creative doing so!):"

Disclaimer and Release: By sending this email to the Utilikilts Company LLC, I grant the Utilikilts Company LLC full rights to use the entire contents of this email for any purpose whatsoever, until the end of the universe. I understand that the Utilikilts Company LLC might use the text and images enclosed in this email on their web site, in printed or online marketing materials, or as a target on the dartboard in the executive bathroom, and I am fine with that. I mean it. I am flattered that my image or words might be used by the company in any way, shape or form.

I own a Utilikilt myself — and cut a fine figure in it, if the strangers who've complimented me on the street about it are to be believed.


(Thanks, CJ!)