Leaked UK gov't doc reveals plan to "coerce" Brits into national ID register — MIRROR THIS FILE!

Phil from the UK anti-ID-register group NO2ID sends in this nugget — note the call to action there. We've got a sensitive government document revealing the British government's plan to trick us into a database state and we need as many copies as possible, as quickly as possible!

If you mirror this document, please add a link to it in the comments for the post.

UK campaigners NO2ID this morning enlisted the help of bloggers across the
world to spread a leaked government document describing how the British
government intends to go about "coercing" its citizens onto a National
Identity Register. The 'ID card' is revealed as little more than a cover to
create a official dossier and trackable ID for every UK resident – creating
what NO2ID calls 'the database state'.

NO2ID's national coordinator, Phil Booth, exhorted bloggers, freedom lovers
and anyone who gives a damn about personal privacy to mirror the annotated
document on their site.

"The charade is over. While ministers try to bamboozle the British public
with fairytales about fingerprints, officials are plotting how to dupe and
bully the population into surrendering control of their own identities."

"Biometric ID cards are a sham; a magician's flourish to cover the biggest
identity fraud there has ever been."

1.2MB PDF Link (mirror this file!)