Falco finally honored in San Francisco with "sister stairs"

Following up on a pair (1, 2) of Boing Boing tv episodes in which monochrom explores the posthumous legacy of '80s pop icon Falco, who is memorialized in Austria with honorific stairs, Jacob Appelbaum says:

Some anonymous fans of both Vienna, San Francisco and Falco appear to have taken their love to the stairs. Specifically the Coit Tower stairs! Snip:

"The original Falco staircase (or Falcostiege) in Vienna was dedicated after the Musician's death in 1998. The staircase is quite small and unimpressive. Apparently the city was unable to find a street or bridge named after a dead fascist which could be rededicated. As of this week, San Francsico honors Falco with a plaque on the stairs leading to Coit Tower. At last, a fitting tribute!"

Link. Huh, I wonder who did this! Monochrom has more: Link 1, Link 2.


* BBtv: Falco Stairs/Fuji Apple (monochrom)
* BBtv: Bar code artist Scott Blake / Falco stencil memorial (monochrom)

UPDATE: Tony says,

The new Falco Stairs were done as part of a task on SF0.org, and you can see the task "proof" here.

I don't know how familiar you are with SF0 (I'm sure BoingBoing has done stuff on it) but we are doing all sorts of things like this. SF0 was responsible for Doorhenge in the park last year (I and my daughter got to add my own piece to that wickedcool story, actually). Anyway, it is worth your time for the Falco thing specifically and for a whole lot more, including some damn wonderful creative people (Jane McGonigal and Chicken John are both members).