Spiral Jetty, monumental earthwork, threatened by oil drilling

Paddy from the blog Art Fag City says:

I just received an email from a colleague of mine informing me that new oil development plans threaten the integrity of Robert Smithson's Spiral Jetty. According to the artist's widow Nancy Holt, a number of pipes and pumps will be laid beneath the water and shore, as well as roads built for oil tank trucks, and cranes for other project needs, all of which promise to severely alter the surrounding environment including Spiral Jetty. A call for help is currently being circulated, the protest deadline, 7 PM ET today.

Those wishing to voice their concerns should email or call Jonathan Jemming 801-537-9023 jjemming@utah.gov. Refer to Application # 8853.

Link to Paddy's post. A copy of the drilling document ("Application #8853") is here: PDF Link.