Art show at Roq La Rue "A Cabinet of Natural Curiosities"


I have a painting in "A Cabinet of Natural Curiosities," a group show that opens Friday February 8th at Roq La Rue gallery in Seattle.

It's called "Synthetic Swan" and measures 24" x 16". It's cel vinyl on masonite, and is framed. Price: $1200. Contact gallery owner Kirsten if you want more information.

Roq la Rue is pleased to present a huge group show entitled "A Cabinet Of Natural Curiosities". We asked our artists to create works relating to animals. The mysterious links we have with animals are integral part of our psychological make up. As humans we treasure them, fetishize them, turn them into symbols, anthropomorphize them, and at the same time inflict terrible cruelty upon them. We allow horrific injustices in slaughterhouses to occur and decimate their habitats, yet offer our children stuffed animals for comfort and have whole stores devoted to pampering your pet. The way we relate to the other creatures living on the planet relates directly to the way we view ourselves. This show, while leaning more towards the fanciful rather than the political, offers up a wunderkammer like display of creatures, while addressing many of the issues raised above.

Artists include: Femke Hiemstra, Travis Louie, Brian Despain, Amy Sol, Lisa Petrucci, Chris Ryniak, Chet Zar, Kozydan, Junko Mizumo, Liz McGrath, Kukula, Laura Plansker, Mark Frauenfelder, Christian Vanminnen, Mark Gleason, Nathan Ota, Catalina Estrada, Sarah Joncas, Kamala Dolphin-Kingsley, John Brophy, Anthony Pontius, Jeremy Bennet, Jim Woodring, Heiko Muller, Javier S. Ortega

Link to gallery | Link to more photos of painting