Boing Boing tv Vlog: Xeni – Anonymous vs. Scientology

Sean Bonner from shared some video he shot at this weekend's ANONYMOUS vs. Scientology LOLprotests in Los Angeles. Many similar protests took place on this day in other cities around the world.

Link to BBtv vlog post with discussion.

Here's a related post by Sean on, and here's a related post on Boing Boing. Details on the purported surveillance truck in Sean's Flickr stream. Digg link for this episode.

Update: Steve Glista says,

Saw your vlog post about the protests this weekend and wanted to share this tidbit. Matt Schroettnig, one of my excellent colleagues at the University of Oregon School of Law, wrote an short article last week about the legal challenges that members of Anonymous might face. We're law students, not lawyers, so this isn't legal advice: Link.

Alternate Link for the law student's article, which has been Boingdotted offline (thx Aaron).