Library waives fees in exchange for Dance Dance Revolution play

I've written before about the librarian who challenges late-fine-owing patrons to get their fines erased by playing Dance Dance Revolution against her. Now the Wadleigh Memorial Library in NH has adopted the same measure for their Patron Appreciation Day.

Patrons were invited to make good on unpaid fines by donating canned and packaged foods for the local soup kitchen or by entering a dance competition, "Dance Dance Revolution."

To sweeten the pot, during most of the day the library served coffee, bagels, pastries and ice cream, donated by area businesses.

By midafternoon, the cans and packages were piling up on a table inside library director Michelle Sampson's office while circulation assistant Katie Spofford was setting up the video dance game on a PlayStation in a carpeted room upstairs.


(via The Shifted Librarian)

(Image: Johnny)