Tor Books confirms sf supersite plans

Tor Books has confirmed its rumored science fiction megasite, filled with free stuff. I've been talking with Tor about this for some time, and I'm privy to all kinds of s33kr1t stuff I can't mention, but man, if they pull off half of what they've got planned, this thing is going to kick ass. I've written something for the site, too.

"The free digital books are exactly what we say they are: an inducement to get people to pre-register as users and allow us to send them emailed progress reports," Nielsen Hayden said. "The book-length freebies are a temporary program slated to run from now until when we launch. Although the site will be 'giving away' a lot of content–indeed, all of its content, as we don't anticipate any part of it being DRMed or paywalled–the core of the site will not be built around a program of free novel giveaways. That said, we reserve the right to give away free digital books any time we think it's a good idea to do so. (With the cooperation and consent of their authors, naturally.)"


(via Futurismic)