Nautilus-themed steampunk home theatre

The Nautilus is an incredible and ambitious steampunk home theatre setup that is themed like the galley of Captain Nemo's ship in Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. It was built by designers who'd worked on Tokyo Disneyland (the Disney Sea park at TDL is easily the most beautiful human-constructed environment I've ever been to), and is a 900-square-foot, football-shaped room lined with portholes and artificially rusted struts.

The theater is located above the new garage addition. Malone handled the original sketches, which were approved by the Morans without question. During the design stage of the home theater, Malone refrained from watching the Disney film. "The idea of a Victorian submarine presents such a broad palette of ideas and it's fun to experiment," he says. "I didn't want imagery from the movie to find its way into the theater." Still, he admits that he couldn't help but be influenced by his childhood memories of Harper Goff's imaginative vision for the movie's mysterious submarine.


(via Dvice)