Wikitravel to publish up-to-the-month print editions of its guides

Wikitravel, the collaborative wiki project that compiles guides to cities and countries around the world, has spun out Wikitravel Press, which will publish hardcopy editions of the Wikitravel guides. Each copy will be printed on demand, using a recent (no more than a month old) version of the selected Wikitravel pages (printed and fulfilled by This is a nice bridge over the gap between the currency of a wiki page and the convenience of a bound volume.

Wikitravel, the Webby Award-winning online travel guide, has over 30,000 guides to destinations around the world. At Wikitravel Press, we select the best ones, give them to our carefully selected local editors to polish and fact-check, and then typeset them with our revolutionary one-click Yucca engine. This lets us update the guides from top to bottom every single month. When you order online, a fresh copy is printed just for you and shipped to your doorstop in less than a week*.

And that's only half the story! On your travels, you're sure to discover great new restaurants or hip new bars not listed in the guide. For normal travel guides, you could write some "feedback" and hope they put it into the next edition five years from now. But for Wikitravel, you can add it yourself, and less than one month later your contribution (and your name) will be in print.