Famous Chinese meat-product buns called "Dog would ignore it"

A famed Chinese meat-bun seller calls his product "Goubuli" — "Dog would ignore it." As Con points out, this guy's a real-world version of Cut Me Own Throat Dibbler, the notorious sausage-inna-bun seller from Terry Pratchett's wonderful Discworld novels.

The steamed "Goubuli" buns filled with a mince of meat and vegetables are the pride of Tianjin, a gritty port city near Beijing. Their Chinese name literally means "Dog would ignore it" and is said to come from the nickname of the man who began selling them some 150 years ago.

Now the buns are sold nationwide and have attracted makers of fake "Dog-would-ignore-it" buns.

But hungry for more success and apparently worried that foreign tourists may fear their name reflects the buns' quality or contents, the Tianjin Goubuli Group Corporation has opted for a tamer English name that may bring its own confusion — "Go Believe".


(Thanks, Con!)

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