Bullfrog Ballet: high-speed video of bullfrogs

Bullfrog Ballet is a two-minute video of high-speed footage of bullfrogs — unweildy burping monsters — moving with grace and precision, catching bugs. It comes to us courtesy of Jeff from the Vancouver Aquarium, who notes,

It's actually a video we just put up featuring the clumsy insatiable eating machine that is the bullfrog.

We shot this over 3 days using a Phantom camera and seeing frogs eat at high speed really is dramatic…hence the awesomely over-the-top music.

Frogs of all kinds are in serious trouble. They're facing the largest mass-extinction since the dinosaurs. Up to half of the species could disappear in our lifetime.

As part of amphibian ark and the year of the frog, this is our little side project to bring some attention to these creatures.


(Thanks, Jeff!)