Nashville copyright craziness — success! Rematch on Mar 5

Yesterday's rally in Nashville to stop a new copyright bill that would put the expense of policing the movie industry's business model onto universities was a success — the bill has been stalled and won't be reconsidered for ten days. Now it's time to get mobilized:

Just in the past few days we found out about this Bill they are trying to pass in the TN State Senate. SB3974, sponsored by Sen. Tim Burchett, forces any institution of "higher learning" to monitor all public university students and expel any who access copyrighted content. Since nearly everyone will access some kind of "copyrighted" content online – they will be forced to expel thousands of students from any public university!

Here's the plan:

[1] Meet up with us next Wednesday (March 5th) to go to Nashville and protest! (5:00 AM – March 5th) we will have a bus – we will leave at 5AM in Knoxville (meet at COPYSHOP).

Gather at 8AM (if you can get there by yourself)
on the corner of 6th and Union St in Nashville!

[2] NOW Email the Senators:

Link, Link to video of Sen. Tim Burchett joking that the MPAA promised him that Matthew Mcconaughey would play him in a biopic