Family busts "mailbox baseball" team after high-speed chase

A family in Hatley, WI, was so fed up with the local "mailbox baseball" team that they staked out their mailbox, followed the vandals in a 100mph chase, tracked them to a gas-station, blocked them in and called the cops.

While repairing the mailbox again on Saturday, Greg Fisher suspected that it might again be targeted. Fisher, 49, and his son Dustin, 18, took watch at 2 a.m. Sunday, and their diligence was rewarded less than an hour later when a truck drove past three times. The final time, a man took a baseball bat to the mailbox.

"It was frustrating watching someone smash your property," said Greg, who was in the house when the mailbox was smashed.

Dustin, who was waiting in a car in the driveway, followed the truck for more than eight miles through Hatley and onto Highway 29. As the truck reached speeds of nearly 100 mph, Dustin slowed down after getting a partial license plate number, he said.


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