Trousers made from recycled WWII British army tents

Stabo makes men's "Bivvy Trousers" out of surplus WWII British military tents, turning the thick, lightly waxed canvas into comfortable pants. I bought a pair on Sunday and they're incredibly comfortable and look great. I feel like the canvas is going to last for years, and the stitching and construction is both thoughtful and thorough (I love the grommeted back pockets, too!).

After many attempts to find the perfect recycled material, we finally found a pair of World War II era Bivouac tents languishing in a dusty warehouse. Luckily they make fantastic trousers and because they are individually cut and sewn each pair is unique.

The cut evolved through a process of making and remaking till we eventually developed this relaxed fit. The legs were really long so we rolled them up and that became part of the look….although we are happy to shorten them.

The trousers are either dark brown, tan, dark green or faded green, but we don't have every size in every colour. As these trousers are made from used tents there are inconsistencies, marks and even patches where they were mended and which all add to their charm.