1936 1934 Japanese cartoon with evil Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse flies in with a squadron of mouse-headed pterodactyls to attack an island populated with cute Japanese animals, including a surreal Felix the Cat with sausage-link arms. Link (Via Pink Tentacle)

UPDATE: Kim says: "Actually that cartoon is from 1934, not 1936. It *takes place* in 1936.
That may seem weird, but here's how a commenter at Cartoon Brew explains

[I]n the aftermath of the Mukden (Manchurian) Incident and Japan's
announced withdrawal from the League of Nations after the League
concluded they were the aggressor, right wing elements in the country
started an opinion campaign that once the Five Power naval limitation
treaty ran out in 1936, America was planning to attack Japanese
possessions, so Japan needed to expand its military… just in case..
Apparently, this cartoon was an attempt to stir the pot."'