Survival kit in a sardine tin

ThinkGeek has a sweet, 25-piece survival kit inside a sardine tin (better hope the pull-tab doesn't come off -- haven't they ever read Three Men in a Boat?). The virtues of sardine cans ("air-tight, waterproof, crushproof") make them a pretty good medium for long-term survival gear storage, I suppose.

The kit includes one of each of the following items: non-aspirin pain reliever, adhesive bandage, alcohol prep pad, antibiotic ointment, book of matches, compass, chewing gum, sugar, salt, energy nugget, duct tape, fire starter cube, first aid instructions, fish hook & line, note paper, pencil, razor blade, safety pin, reflective signal surface, tea bag, waterproof bag, whistle, and wire clip.


(via Red Ferret)