High school project video uses SFW scenes from 1980s porn video

Canadian high schooler's Arman Noory's "The War on Terror" is a short film that includes safe-for-work scenes of a 1980s porn video.

Gradually the true nature of the porno begins to show as you go further into the film. For the record, for anybody curious, my teacher knew I had edited an early 80s porn for the video, though the students generally had no idea. It was a bit of a mindfuck for everybody. All voices are done by yours truly.

I chose to make a video for my culminating task for senior-year (Canadian) Politics class was regarding the war on terror and whether or not it's effective/justified. I wanted to incite a variety of emotions in the viewer while still being educational and entertaining – so I took a porno from '81, remixed it into an an American-perspective War on Terror Porno Musical where the main character goes into trances at the subject of discussion and, gradually, the true nature of the porno begins to rise (especially the ending).

My goal was to have a video in contrast to the one-dimensional views we are fed by the media on everything surrounding the war on terror, from the history of US intervention in the middle east to the economy and compromises to liberty, incite all forms of emotions from the viewer within the 15-minute timespan (sexy, funny, depressing) while still being entertaining and educational.