Tardis MAME cabinet

Simon Jansen undertook to build this massive, elaborate Tardis-shaped MAME cabinet for his home in New Zealand: it sports an impressive homebrew MAME control array, housed in an even more impressive replica Tardis. He even had it signed by the seventh Doctor Who!

The TARDIS is assembled in the following order. First the base is positioned on the floor. At this point it is very, very important to remember to put it over the power cable that runs the TARDIS and console when it is assembled. If you miss this step you can't then easily get the cable under the base without taking the TARDIS apart. Once the base is in place the four corner posts are stood in position, the dowels in the base of each fitting into the corresponding hole in the base. The corners aren't actually fixed to the base in any way. Weight holds it all together. Even in the great Auckland earthquake of 2007 the TARDIS stood solid as a rock.

Next the roof ring beam is attached. This sits on the blocks screwed to the inside of the corner posts. The blocks mean it sits at the right height. Screws then pass through the ring into the corner to hold it in place.

Next the walls and the three steps are loosely screwed in place. Everything is kept loose until the doors are fitted to allow things to be moved around. The doors are then put into position and the hinge pins put in place. The three step above the doors is also positioned now. The doors are closed and I make sure they sit square and open and close freely before tightening the rest of the walls and three steps into position.


(via Wired Gadgets)