Photos from rotting Chinese theme-park in Orlando

Kathryn sez,

In 1993 the People's Republic of China opened a park just south of Orlando, FL featuring over 60 handcrafted replicas of China's architectural, cultural and historical landmarks. Throughout Splendid China's 10 years of operation, the it was plagued by low attendance, frequent protests against the idyllic depictions of China the park provided, and financial mismanagement. The park was closed in 2003.

This past weekend two friends and I did a little urban exploring of the park, and took a lot of pictures. I was very surprised at how quickly the park has fallen into disrepair since its closing five years ago. It seems that vandals have stolen just about anything that wasn't bolted down (and lots of things that were). Most of the ceramic figurines have been smashed, which made for interesting photos at least.

Link to gallery one,

Link to gallery two

(Thanks, Kathryn!)