Today is Run Some Old Web Browsers Day!

It being the tenth anniversary of Mozilla, Jamie "Founder of Mozilla Project" Zawinski has declared today "Run Some Old Web Browsers Day!" He's mirroring a bunch of lovely old pages from ", the Internet Web Site of the Mosaic Communications Corporation" for your antique browser pleasure.

* Trivia Question #1: Do you remember why through exist?

* Trivia Question #2: Do you remember the behavioral difference the browsers exhibited when they were talking to a Netscape web server?

* Trivia Question #3: When was the <HYPE> tag implemented, and what was its origin?

* I had originally planned on re-hosting these web sites on an SGI Indy running Mosaic Netsite Commerce Server, just for maximal comedic value… and to see how long it took before someone Øwned it, since there must be someone out there who still remembers how to launch an assault on Irix 5.3. Unfortunately, that wasn't possible for political reasons explained below.