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Recently on Boing Boing Gadgets we've looked at an upcoming exhibit showcasing the plush electronics of Blythe Church; Penny Arcade's new indie games download platform; the all-too-timely death of Richochet wireless; Nike's new iPod-less SportBand training bracelet; the ClarityLife phone for the elderly; a way to send hot leaden death from the mouth of a plush kitty cat; Creative's campaign against a driver hacker, as well as his first public response; 9 common phrases that come from technology; Babbage's Difference Engine coming to California; baggage handlers stealing gadgets from luggage; a cute line of handmade clay robots; Microsoft's latest failure to convince the FCC that White Space devices can work; video of the "awesomest Finder bug of all time"; a snap-on glove radar for checking baseball pitch speeds; Comcast's latest HD over-compression disaster; a simple way for African villagers to shell peanuts without pain (top hat and cane optional); a British newspaper's attempt to wheedle stories of videogame sociopathy; a clever twist-cap for instant tea; the old Kodak disc cameras; a thumbs-up for a Kyocera mandoline; and Denmark's latest contribution to childish sniggering, DONG Energy.