Flinstones car victory in court

The driver of a four-person pedal-powered vehicle covered in an old Buick shell beat a traffic ticket ("operating an unsafe vehicle") in a Toronto court last week.

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It has no floor. No engine. No transmission. No signal lights. And as mentioned, tea lights sit in place of light bulbs at the front.

"What would happen," [prosecutor Daniel] Lerner charged with pointed conviction, "if a lit candle hit another car?"

As the small courtroom in Old City Hall erupted in giggles, Lerner withdrew his question.

On the stand, the Crown asked Walsh about the brakes, which are traditional bike hand brakes.

The left cyclers control the left side; ditto for the pair on the right.

And what would happen if the left side happened to brake before the right, Lerner asked Walsh. "It would cause friction on the road, causing that side to anchor (and the other) side to pivot around," the officer answered. This, Walsh continued, could possibly send the car swerving into oncoming traffic.

Fox was quick to point out the car stopped without difficulty when asked to pull over. He also argued that rickshaws – another muscle-propelled vehicle on Toronto streets – have no brakes at all and those drivers aren't targeted.

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