"Mafia/Werewolf" IRC Game, Tomorrow at 1PM EST

Tomorrow, John Brownlee will be hosting "Pre-Cogs vs. Replicants," a version of the popular "Mafia" (a.k.a. "Werewolf") social game in the #boingboing IRC channel. Remember, he who lies best lies last.

Game: Pre-Cogs vs. Replicants (a variation of the Mafia party game.)

Time: April 10th at 1pm EST

Place: #boingboing on FreeNode IRC (chat.freenode.net)

Setting: The sinuous, slithering bowels of Grope-Kant University: a festering intestinal track four years long in which the turgid philosophical constructs of pimpled undergrads are broken down into a semantic slurry suitable for the suckling of tenured flatworms. Within this excretionary system exists a small nodule of scientific inquiry: Grope-Kant U's Department of Bio-Chemical Engineering, comprised of twenty two researchers tinkering with the building blocks of life.

If you've never played a Mafia game before, it's a blast. Come give it a shot!

More flesh-curdling backstory, rules, details about how to connect to IRC, and pre-game trash talking. [BBG]