Ludicrously expensive bottled water for rich morons

Forbes Traveler has a rundown on costly bottled water, such as Berg, made from ice-age Arctic icebergs, and Bling, which comes in a bottle emblazoned with fake diamonds. I don't know which more obviously brands you a fool: being seen with a bottle of Bling, or sporting a forehead tattoo.

bling-water.jpgInitially introduced only to "hand-selected athletes and actors," Bling H2O is now available to the rest of us mere mortals. It has made appearances at the MTV Music Video and Emmy awards, but did anyone tell the celebs the water comes from Dandridge, Tennessee? Never mind, the point in this case is not what's in the bottle as it is what's on it: Swarovski crystals spelling out "bling." The frosted glass bottle is labeled "Limited Edition Spring Water" and is sealed with a cork.

You can buy Bling H2O in bottles without crystals, but why would you? $441 per case of 12 bottles (750ml)

Per 750ml bottle: $36.75