Knowing the risk of fatality, to the finest nicety

Becky sez, "The Boing Boing discussion of the woman who let her kid find his way home alone on the subway got me interested in comparing that risk relative to the risk of a child dying in a car accident. What I discovered en route is a treasure trove of car accident data, which can be sliced and diced any way you want it--click the Query tab for an array of very specific variables. (Want to know how many people died in car accidents in Tompkins County, New York, on Martin Luther King Day in 2004 while riding in the back seat on the right-hand side of a vehicle traveling at 23 miles an hour driven by a female living in zip code 60656? No problem. And that barely scratches the surface of the possibilities.) I answered my initial question, then played with the thing for hours."


(Thanks, Becky!)