Best of BBtv – American Furry

Boing Boing tv is 6 months and almost 150 episodes old — not unlike, say, a prolific baby. To celebrate, we're taking the week off and revisiting some of the "best of BBtv," as determined by you, our viewers. First up — "American Furry: Life, Liberty, and the Fursuit of Happiness…"

Furries get no respect. Usually, when you hear about people who dress up like life-sized stuffed animals, it's in the context of an unfriendly internet joke, a sex gag on Entourage, or an insult that ends with "yiff in hell."

But Brooklyn-based filmmaker Marianne Shaneen has spent more than two years following these people around, capturing their lives in and out of their "fursonas." She's working on a documentary film called AMERICAN FURRY: Life, Liberty and the Fursuit of Happiness.

Today on Boing Boing tv, an exclusive peek at this feature in progress. Marianne provided us with access to some of her raw footage (she's accumulated 2+ years' worth!), and we selected clips, edited, added some audio, and produced the short glimpse you'll see here.

"I'm looking for an editor, a couple of animators, finishing funds, and a producer," says Shaneen — so if you'd like to get involved, email her at

Special thanks to Susannah Breslin for first pointing us to this project. (Music by T.bias.)

Link to BBtv post with discussion and downloadable video.