HOWTO divide a freezer-bag into individual servings before freezing

Lunch In a Box's tip for dividing the contents of a freezer-bag into individual portions is great, right up there with the soup-in-ice-cube-trays hack. This is the perfect compromise between freezing everything in tiny individual bags or having to hack individual frozen hunks off some foodberg at the back of the freezer.

Enter my Japanese-language freezing books. A standard tip for freezing ground foods or thick sauces in small portions is to first put the food into a large freezer bag and press it out as flat as possible, eliminating air pockets. (Making it thin speeds up defrost time due to the increased surface area, and pressing out excess air guards against freezer burn.) Use a long chopstick or ruler to create divisions within the food, forming individual portions. This way when you freeze the entire bag, you'll be able to quickly break off just as much as you want to use, no more.


(via Neatorama)