Ed and Nancy Kienholz sculpture up for auction


On Dinosaurs and Robots, Mister Jalopy writes about a limited edition sculpture called "The Blockhead," by Edward and Nancy Kienholz, and follows it with a story he came across about the time Kienholz smashed a TWA desk because the airline had destroyed his lamp and called him a liar and a cheat when he filed for reimbursement.

200804161223.jpg Kienholz's letter bluntly stated: "Good morning, my name is Ed Kienholz…you broke my lampshade and I'm really unhappy…so I'm going to cause TWA an equal amount of damage. I'm going to destroy a desk for TWA."

This is exactly what Kienholz proceeded to do; he destroyed the desk and, somehow, made it back to his car before being apprehended by the Los Angeles Police Department. Though cited and fined for disturbing the peace, Kienholz was eventually reimbursed, and vindicated, for the lampshade through a small claims court victory against the airline, and no further charges were filed or pursued. Throughout the incident, Kienholz not only documented his actions through photographs and writing, he also garnered and exploited a tremendous amount of local and national media attention. He summarized the incident as follows: "It takes a lot of 'Up, up and away' ads to overcome the humorous, negative publicity TWA got out of that. They would have been a lot better off to not call me a liar."