Disneyland bans pictures in its parking lots

No taking photos in the s33kr1t Disneyland parking lots! I mean, sure, they're full of CCTVs taking pictures of you, but just because you're paying $80 for the day, plus $10 to park, why should you feel free to steal the Mouse's precious, precious parking-lot photons? After all, those photos could be used by Al Quaeda to coordinate a strike on the Mouse House!

At the time I marveled that these were now ten years old–and I remember parking in the lot when it was brand new. Just as I took this photo, however, a Security Cast Member in a patrol unit approached me (well, he stopped a ways away and shouted through a rolled-down window) and told me photography was not permitted there. Since that statement didn't make any sense, my first reaction was to question why that was. As I evaluated the possible responses, I thought "security" or "because I said so" would be what I'd get, so I complied and continued walking. I brought this up to appropriate people, who agreed there is no blanket prohibition of photography there. I wonder what secrets are hidden in this Pinocchio sign that are waiting to be discovered?


(Thanks, John!)