Anti-teen noise-weapon comes to the USA

Mark sez, "You guys have written before about these anti-teen noisemakers before when they were used in the UK. Well, they're being deployed in the US now and, inevitably, someone is not happy about it…"

"It's horrible, loud and irritating," said Eddie Holder, 15, who sprinted from his apartment for school one morning covering one ear with his hand to block out the noise. The device was installed outside the building to drive away loiterers. "I have to hurry out of the building because it's so annoying. It's this screeching sound that you have to get away from or it will drive you crazy.

"A spokesman for the American Civil Liberties Union said the organization does not have a position on the issue. But James Alan Fox, a criminologist at Boston's Northeastern University, said that putting crowd-monitoring devices in the hands of private businesses and citizens is "dangerous.""


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(Image: Creepy Mosquito Powerpoint slides)