UK photographer chased down and detained for taking pix at fun fair

Bill sez "Curly, a blogger and photographer from South Shields (in NE England) was pursued by police after they received an emergency 999 call from someone who saw him taking photos in a funfair where children were present. He ended up showing his pics to a policeman in order to be allowed to leave."

"Is there something wrong with my car or my driving?"

"No, no sir, nothing like that at all, we are responding to an emergency call from someone in The Sundial who has reported you as taking pictures of children in the play park"

"Play park? I haven't been near any play park! I've been on the beach and in the fairground, and I've never been anywhere near The Sundial either, surely you must have the wrong person?"

"Sorry sir, but we tracked you on the CCTV cameras, got your registration number and that's why I need to talk to you, you are exactly as described"


(Thanks, Bill!)