1.4GB of personal data recovered from botnet server

Glyn sez,

A server used by a botnet to store stolen data from infected PCs was found to contain more than 1.4 Gigabyte of business and personal data. It consisted of 5,388 unique log files. The data included:

* Compromised patient data
* Compromised bank customer data
* Business-related emails
* Captured Outlook accounts containing email communication

To illustrate the scope; the server contained among others 571 log files from the US, 621 from Germany (DE), 322 from France (FR), 308 from India (IN), 232 from Great Britain (GB), 150 from Spain (ES), 86 from Canada (CA), 58 from Italy (IT), 46 from the Netherlands (NL), and 1,037 from Turkey (TR).


(Thanks, Glyn!)