Return of the Moon-Nazis in Creative Commons-licensed film from Star Wreck creators

John Buckman from Magnatune sez,

I'm involved with a film project called "Iron Sky", which released a 2 1/2 minute teaser today:

"In 1945 the Nazis fled to the moon. It's 2018, and now they're coming back"

What makes this interesting is that it's the second film by the people who made Star Wreck, which is the most successful feature-length Internet-distributed film of all time. Star Wreck was made by 3000 people, has been download 8 million times, is under a CC by-nd-nc license, and made good money both through DVD sales, and through an eventual deal with Universal.

My role in this is that I provided the seed funding for Iron Sky, and I'm head of the board of — a collaborative film-making web site (also CC based), that was built from the Star Wreck experience (and is being used to make Iron Sky)


(Thanks, John!)