BBtv – Star Simpson's fuzzy logic, MacGyver, MIT lasers, and trippy glasses: Maker Faire with Phil Torrone

Make Magazine senior editor Phil Torrone guides us through the wonders of Maker Faire 2008 in San Mateo.

First, we learn about "fuzzy logic," soft electronic circuit components, with Star Simpson — the 20 year old MIT student arrested for a "fake bomb" at Boston's Logan Airport in 2007 when authorities mistook her interactive LED t-shirt for a terrorist device. Her trial is scheduled for May 23, by the way, so she wasn't able to answer our questions about that ordeal just yet.

Next up, also from MIT — Ed Baafi introduces us to the fabulous "fab lab," where complex fabrication technologies are made easy.

Then, Phil shows us affordable laser etching to personalize your iPhone or laptop.

Inventor and hacker Mitch Altman demonstrates the "brain machine," a device that stimulates your mind's eye. Mitch also invented TV-B-Gone, a sort of secret kill switch for kills television sets ("the only TV remote you need!").

And Lee Zlotoff, the creator of TV's MacGyver reveals plans for a MacGyver film project.

Link to Boing Boing tv episode, with discussion and downloadable video.