Journo's last wish is for more marrow donors

Tamu sez, "Adrian Sudbury is a journalist and edits the Huddersfield Examiner website in the UK. He is 26 and has two forms of leukemia simultaneously – apparently the only recorded case.

He has already received a stem cell transplant but it has failed.

He has also ended his treatment and will likely die in a several weeks, so he hopes others will benefit.

His last wish is for people to reconsider bone marrow registration and donation and see it taught in UK schools.

Both the Examiner's and Adrian's pleas have been printed on the Examiner website. "

In Germany, sixth form students are educated on becoming a bone marrow donor, why it is important and how they can apply.

As a result, Germany has one of Europe's highest number of donors.

Adrian believes we need a similar system in British schools and colleges. It would mean more people are informed about becoming donors as standard, lessening the burden of raising awareness for charities such as the Anthony Nolan Trust.


(Thanks, Tamu!)

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