Power Tool Drag Racing 2008

200805191359.jpg Todd Lappin of Telstar Logistics went to the annual Power Tool Drag Races in San Francisco and took some great photos.

As promised, Telstar Logistics was on the scene for the 2008 Power Tool Drag Races last weekend, which returned home once again to the Ace International Speedway (… Speedway! … Speedway!) in the wonderful wilds of industrial San Francisco. Upon arrival, we found that the racing looked quite a bit like it did the last time Ace hosted PTDR, back in 2006. That was a good thing, but to keep it interesting, we decided to focus our camera on all the PTDR attendees – and specifically, their sporty sense of style.

Don't worry… we also took a few photos of high speed power saws and ass-kicking angle grinders. And if you want more of those, you can check our our shots from 2006. But the 2008 edition is all about fashions (…fashions! … fashions!) Links to all the photos are below!

By the way, Todd is guestblogging over at Dinosaurs and Robots, a blog by Mister Jalopy and me.


UPDATE: Scott Beale of Laughing Squid took photos and shot video of the races, too.