Wikileaks publishes anti-counterfeiting treaty doc that tries to extend US copyright law around the world

Wendy sez, "Wikileaks has a document apparently leaked from drafting negotiations around the proposed "Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement." The discussion paper has the stated objective to 'Establish, among nations committed to strong IPR protection, a common standard for IPR enforcement to combat global infringements of IPR particularly in the context of counterfeiting and piracy that addresses today's challenges, in terms of increasing international cooperation, strengthening the framework of practices that contribute to effective enforcement of IPRs, and strengthening relevant IPR enforcement measures themselves.'

Of course the proposed 'cooperation' would once again extend the worst of US IP law and beyond — DMCA anticircumvention and ISP takedown, criminal penalties for non-commercial copying, enforcement with minimal process — onto partners such as developing countries for whom these enclosure regimes are even less appropriate. "

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(Thanks, Wendy!)