Prominent Tibetan Dissident Blogger Hacked, Impersonated on Skype

Danny O'Brien of the EFF says,

Tsering Woeser, the prominent Tibetan poet and blogger, has been under attack from the Chinese nationalist hacker team Honker Union. Her Skype account has been broken into, and now other dissidents are being contacted by people pretending to be Woeser.

Please stop any communication with "Degewa" on Skype, delete or lock out this user's name from your Skype account, warn anyone you know who might try to contact me through Skype, tell them to cease contact with "Degewa."

From now on, if you receive any Skype message from "me" in any other users' name, please speak first (Tibetan friends, please speak in Tibetan) to verify "my identity." If the other side of the contact refuses to talk, it means you are not in touch with me.

Many dissidents across the world use Skype for communications because of its (closed and unaudited) encryption; it's worth remembering that even if the channel is protected, the person on the other end may not be who you think it is.

Link (thanks, also, Han Shan).