Louis Armstrong's collages

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Legendary horn player Louis Armstrong was also a collage artist! He collaged the fronts and backs of his personal collection of reel-to-reel recordings, more than 500 total. The Paris Review posted several examples and the story behind Armstrong's other medium for improvisation:

Only occasionally do the collages indicate the musical content within; usually there is no correlation. Armstrong made generous use of various kinds of adhesive tape not only to attach images to each box but also to laminate, frame, or highlight them. The works are untitled and undated, but he was making them as early as the 1950s; in a letter from 1953 he wrote, “Well, you know, my hobbie (one of them anyway) is using a lot of scotch tape . . . My hobbie is to pick out the different things during what I read and piece them together and [make] a little story of my own.”

Link (via Michael Leddy's Orange Crate Art)