Bigoted Ford dealership isn't actually sorry for its non-Christians "should sit down and shut up" ads

Remember Kieffe & Sons, the California Ford dealership that ran a radio ad saying that they were Christians, and non-believers could therefore "sit down and shut up" and stop demanding separation of church and state?

Remember how they apologized for saying this really dumb thing?

They take it back.

The owner of the dealership says that he was forced to issue the apology by Ford, and he doesn't stand behind it, and he only issued it to appease "blog-lo-dites."

"I don't regret the sentiment at all," said Kieffe, who bought the 48-year-old dealership from his father in 1974. "It's what we believe."

Kieffe & Sons has sites in Mojave and Rosamond.

The dealer's Web site Thursday bore a statement about the ad that included an apology "to all who were offended."

Kieffe said he'd been contacted by Ford Motor Co. after the manufacturer heard complaints from numerous "blog-lo-dites."

Remember, this guy doesn't actually attend church.


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