Freegan option for in-flight meals?

OK, I'm a little punchy after a redeye flight with a small baby, but I just wanted to share this air-travel brainstorm I had over the Atlantic. You know how airlines often have a gigantic list of exotic meals you can special order (Vegan, Hindu, Asian Vegetarian, Low Sodium, Lacto-Ovo, Kosher, etc)?

How about a Freegan option?

Here's how it would work: after they cleared the dishes in all the cabins (including the posh nosh in First Class), people who took the Freegan option would get a chance to go to the galley and check out what's left over and edible. Some flights, you'd get fillet mignon; some flights, you'd get small, sickly bags of carrot batons.

The airlines would have less food wastage, and they'd get to serve an entirely new dietary niche for free!

You read it here first, kids. Combine this with my plan for Ninja Airlines and you'd have a profitable business on your hands. Or at least you'd have an entertaining business on your hands.

Well, it'd entertain me, anyway.