Sound Unbound: essays on the future of music edited by DJ Spooky

Sound Unbound is a fantastic new collection of essays on digital culture and the future of music, edited by Paul D. Miller aka
DJ Spooky that Subliminal Kid — I had the honor of writing the foreword, but that's just for starters. The contributor list is extremely good, and their contributions are even better:

David Allenby/Pierre Boulez/Catherine Corman/Chuck D/Erik Davis/Scott De Lahunta/Manuel DeLanda/Cory Doctorow/Eveline Domnitch Frances Dyson/Ron Eglash/Brian Eno/Dmitry Gelfand/Dick Hebdige/Lee Hirsch/Vijay Iyer/Ken Jordan/Douglas Kahn/Daphne Keller/Beryl Korot/Jaron Lanier/Joseph Lanza/Jonathan Lethem/Carlo McCormick/Moby, Naeem Mohaiemen/Alondra Nelson/Keith and Mendi/Obadike, Hans Ulrich Obrist/Pauline Oliveros/Philippe Parreno/Ibrahim Quraishi/Steve Reich/Simon Reynolds/Scanner aka Robin Rimbaud/Nadine Robinson/Daniel Bernard Roumain (DBR)/Alex Steinweiss/Bruce Sterling/Lucy Walker/Saul Williams/Jeff E. Winner


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