Generative music from eBay data

The Sound of eBay is a net art project by Ubermorgen that translates scraped eBay user data into electronica music. I'm a relatively infrequent but longtime eBay user and the tune it wrote for me was quite minimalist. Makes sense. I think. Other users' data yielded some nice vocoder-esque textures. From the project description:

First there was silence… Then there was data… But there was no story…

Just images and sounds…

cities were built and a grid was laid on top of the topography

Within this global grid a company named eBay became the largest marketplace, with very local marketspaces. eBay is romantic and seductive, not like the local fleamarkets in Paris (Le marché aux puces de Saint-Ouen) but sexed up a million times bigger and spherically transcended, much more effective and thoroughly commercialized. We love it! "The Sound of eBay" is the affirmative high-end low-tech contribution to the atomic soundtrack of the new peer-to-peer hyper-catastrophic shock-capitalism.

Link (8-bit NSFW)