Swedish Pirate Bureau founder's essay on copyright for Cato

Jason sez, "Rasmus Fleischer is a co-founder of The Piracy Bureau, a Swedish group critical of copyright, and the parent organization of BitTorrent tracker The Pirate Bay.

This month he has a new essay up at Cato Unbound, the Cato Institute's online magazine of ideas. In it, he argues that attempts to impose 20th-century copyright standards on digital media are doomed to failure — indeed, they're failing already, and threats to privacy and civil liberties are growing: "

Every broken regulation brings a cry for at least one new regulation even more sweepingly worded than the last. Copyright law in the 21st century tends to be less concerned about concrete cases of infringement, and more about criminalizing entire technologies because of their potential uses. This development… will have seriously chilling effects on innovation, as the legal status of new technologies will always be uncertain under ever more invasive rules.


(Thanks, Jason!)